Faith by Chapter


A recent newspaper article about a local man who has written out the entire bible by hand two times over was my inspiration.  It seemed daunting, and I wondered whether if it was pure folly to embark on such an undertaking.

Three weeks later, I’m working through the book of Matthew and recently added Psalms to my daily writing.  One chapter from each book per day, and it has become the highlight of my day.  Writing the words of Jesus helps me focus on his love, forgiveness, compassion, and faithfulness.  His promises seem new, although I have read and heard the words throughout my life.

As I move forward with this commitment, my energy and excitement grow.  I’m also ever more in awe of the gentleman whose idea I copied.  Making it through the Bible even once will likely be my limit, and he has already begun his third writing.  Bless you, and thank you, sir.