Thankful for College Application Season???

Building on a college campus in Indiana

Oh, The Places You’ll Apply

(with apologies to Dr. Seuss)


Your senior year has arrived.

Through three years of high school

You have struggled and survived.

Now you’re applying to college,

It’s a big job, we know.

And YOU are the one

Who’ll decide where to go.

You’ll visit several campuses, look them over with care.

About some you will say, “I’m not going there!”

You have a head full of dreams and a style that’s way cool,

But your parents make you choose at least one in-state school.

You can name several colleges

You really want to attend,

Although you don’t know the way

To Ann Arbor or South Bend.

You’ll be on your way

As soon as you apply to UNC—

To which some will add a letter,

Like A,  W, or  G.

You will work at top speed

To meet every deadline.

No way will you be late

With that application to Pepperdine.

You won’t lag behind,

Because you have the will

To complete the applications,

Including the one for McGill.

There will be many a late night

With long essays to rewrite.

You’ll persevere in putting words down

If you really want to get into Georgetown.

And you may get confused

As you continue working madly

You mean I can’t use CFNC

To apply to the Naval Academy?

Then you may need to regroup

By thinking “alphabet soup.”


One of them must be the right school for me.

Now you have written your final essay

And hit the send key one last time.

You have paid the application fees

And spent your last dime.

Congratulations again; now you must sit and wait

For the admission committee to determine your fate.

You have taken the right steps,

You have followed every rule.

Now you’re starting to wonder,

Could I just stay in high school?


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