All Animals on Deck


Recently I returned home from a day spent running errands and playing tennis, my hands full  as I approached the steps to the deck at the rear of my house. Daydreaming as usual, I was aware of three objects on the deck, but it did not immediately register that they were baby birds.  When my mind and eyes finally focused in on them, I did an about-face and ran down the steps and into the yard.  There I proceeded to do what any rational, level-headed, well-educated middle-aged woman would do.  I stood and wailed.  It was pathetic.  Fortunately, my neighbor was working in his driveway, and I could not have been more grateful for his never-ending efforts to solve the drainage problems that plague his property.  Calmly and quietly, he walked over and picked up the dead baby birds, placed them in a bucket, and disposed of them I’m not sure where.  I breathed a sigh of relief and went inside, thankful that my animal problems had ended.

Approximately one week after the bird incident, I was leaving the house for an afternoon meeting via the back door that opens onto the deck.  Yet again, my mind was a million miles away, and it wasn’t until I had closed the door firmly behind me that I noticed the large black snake curled around the slats of the deck with its head resting sedately on top of the nearest post.  Really?!?!  Another invasion, this time by a very-much-alive member of the animal kingdom!!  I managed to remain calm as I quickly placed my key in the lock and re-entered the house in record speed.  After disengaging and resetting the alarm system, I marched right out the front door onto the porch, checked to make certain it was critter-free, and practically ran to my car.

These days I just wonder what creature will show up next.   A bear?  A fox?  A rabid racoon? Perhaps it will be kind enough to warn me of its impending arrival, so I can go far, far away . . . . .


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