Three Words

word of mouth in wood type


In recent years, following publication of the book “One Word that will change your life,” many people have faithfully selected their word of the year and dutifully adhered to the principles set forth in the book.  Basically, one word inspires, clarifies, and encourages the users in a life-transforming way as it governs their thoughts and directs their actions for 365 days.  One of my most astute and caring business colleagues believes firmly in the one word concept and weaves his chosen word beautifully into his professional and personal goals.  I admire his commitment and that of all who possess the self-discipline to practice the One Word philosophy.

Lately, however,  I have been thinking more about specific three word phrases covering a wide range of feelings and life experiences.  Some are benign, and I utter them reflexively as the occasion demands.  Others are dictated by special occasions, symbolizing various ages and stages of life or seasons on the calendar.  Still others I would do well to use with greater frequency in order to strengthen relationships and live more authentically.  Finally, many invite smiles and laughter for the happy memories they evoke.

Happy New Year!

Are you okay?

It’s a boy!

You go first.

I’m so sorry.

School is out!

Who will pray?

It’s not malignant.

Cream and sugar?

I hope so.

Please forgive me.

Show me how.

Can I help?

I’m coming home.

You were right.

Snow is predicted!

I trust you.

I’ll try again.

Let’s work together.

I blew it.

Hold my hand.

I’m your aunt!

You did it!

Furman accepted me!

I love you.


What three words are on your mind?



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