Who We Are

Tag recycled paper craft stick on white background, vector illustration


They are gathered in a small cubbyhole to the left of the steering wheel in my car.  I keep them there in order to arrive at certain destinations suitably identified and/or authorized. They say that I am an Acolyte Steward, Hospice Volunteer, Crosby Scholars Senior Advisor, and Professional Women of Winston-Salem member.  I even have two name badges that proclaim the latter, because, well, those things are easy to lose . . .

Name tags are supposed to identify us, but I believe they mostly tell what I am and not so much who I am or what I hope to accomplish while wearing them.  Although my collection of name tags seems to encompass widely varying roles, I think they are more alike than different. Each one allows me to build relationships, whether with church family, business colleagues, local high school students, or even the folks visiting the hospice home that I will likely never encounter again.  All of the organizations identifying me as a part of them serve a purpose that I believe in and want to help further with my abilities, however meager.  No matter which name tag I am wearing, I am blessed with the opportunity to serve others and to focus on building community in that particular setting.

I am a businesswoman; I am crazy about children; I believe in dying with dignity; I have a commitment to high school students navigating college admission.  You would infer these things from reading my name tags; to me they simply say that I love people.

Do you have name tags?  If so, what do they say about you?