Food for Thought


Grocery CartI went grocery shopping early this morning, as is my wont on the weekend.  There is little traffic in my small town at 7:30, and not many people favor buying groceries at that hour, so I have the store pretty much to myself.  It occurred to me as I was loading the bags into my car what an extraordinary gift it is to need food and simply to go and purchase it.  There were no agonizing choices about whether to pay the electric bill or buy food or which things to remove from my list so that there would be money left to put gas in the car.  Although I try to be a wise consumer by using coupons and buying store rather than name brands, I am not forced to examine every cent allotted for groceries in order to avoid future financial disaster.

My journey ended in a prayer of thanksgiving for the abundance in my life and for help in being ever mindful of all that I have.




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