Obstacles of Opportunity

Tree Blocking Path
Tree Blocking Path
Road Closed for Repairs
Road Closed for Repairs

Yesterday was unseasonably warm in my part of the country, and I chose to run outside on the trail surrounding a nearby lake.  Driving to my destination, I suddenly encountered construction equipment and sawhorses strung across the road, which was clearly undergoing repairs.  The route leading into the back side of the lake was my only option, so I turned around, hoping that my mental navigation picture was accurate.  A few minutes later, I pulled into the parking lot, sans help from Google Maps! (Not that there’s anything wrong with technology-assisted travel.)  It was just nice using my very own brain as a guide.

Approximately one mile into my run, I went around a curve on the path, and there was a fallen tree blocking the way.  Obviously, this was going to be a day of obstacles!  I couldn’t help smiling as I jumped over the tree, enjoying the unexpected break in routine.  My smile turned to laughter as a couple of cyclists came flying towards me a few minutes down the trail.  They were going to have to brake suddenly or go airborne to conquer the downed tree!

The small barriers that I encountered are insignificant compared to chronic illness, bankruptcy, divorce, and other immense life challenges we must work through, around, or sometimes both.  They did give me the chance to think about problem-solving in situations minor and arduous.  How would my life change if I embraced every obstacle as an opportunity?  How about yours?



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